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The Associació Conèixer Història (Knowing History Association) offers guided tours with specialized guides through memory sites in the city of Barcelona. We offer tours to schools, companies and friends’ groups.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Scheduled on afternoon, evening or weekend
  • Groups with a minimum of 5 people
  • The price per person is 15,00 euros

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Some of the tours we offer:

  • The legacy of slavery in Barcelona, monuments and public space: a tour to discover the traces left by the slave trade and colonial fortunes in the city.

  • Francoist repression in Les Corts: a walk along which we will discover, among other places, a palace that hosted Nazi leaders and a women’s prison that has been silenced for decades.

  • FC Barcelona in Les Corts: a route to discover the historical evolution of Barça in this district where, beyond the Camp Nou, we will find plenty of significant places for the club.

  • The Civil War in Gràcia: stroll through this neighbourhood, covering the traces of war, which ends in front of a monument that has changed its meaning over time.

  • And more routes in other districts!

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