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Ribera & Barceloneta


Inside Barceloneta market (at the east entrance) information panels have been installed to describe the damage caused by Fascist aviation bombing raids over the neighbourhood during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Barceloneta was one of the worst-hit areas in the entire city.

The Barceloneta neighbourhood was one of the hardest-hit by fascist air raids during the Civil War. It suffered several bombardments due to its strategic position next to the sea and fishing port, the location of the gas plant and workshops for the Maquinista Terrestre i Marítima (Land and Marine Engineering Company), which manufactured war equipment. Many parts of the neighbourhood were affected, including the Plaça de la Font, where the market stood and where today information panels recall those dramatic events. The intensity of the bombardments and large number of fatalities led to the provision of accommodation by the City Council for many families in other parts of the city, particularly uptown, where numerous apartments belonging to well-off families had been left vacant as their owners fled when the war broke out.

Amongst the air raids that affected the neighbourhood, particularly noteworthy is that of 29 May 1937 when a squadron of planes concentrated its operations on the Barceloneta, destroying numerous buildings and causing a high number of fatalities. In addition, one of the bombs destroyed one of the workshops of the Land and Marine Engineering Company, leaving nine people severely wounded. One of the missions was to destroy the gas plant which, fortunately, did not suffer any damage. On 1 October 1937, another deadly air raid took place; in addition to the bombs dropped by the planes, they shot into the fleeing crowd, particularly on Passeig Nacional – now Passeig de Joan de Borbó – and its surroundings. That day, twelve bombs were dropped on a school on Carrer de Balboa during class time. The bombing led to 87 deaths and 53 wounded. Another Italian air raid took place on June 19 that year which heavily affected the fishing harbour and the docks, putting the Jaume I tower and the port’s cable car out of action.

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