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The monument to Josep Tarradellas, President of the Catalan Government in exile and first President of Catalonia when self-government was restored during the transition to democracy, was unveiled in 1999.

The street known as Carrer de l’Infanta Carlota since 1929 (except for the period of the Second Republic, when it was renamed Carrer de Bernat Metge), was named after Josep Tarradellas in 1988, after the death of the former Catalan president in June of that year. Later, on 18 January 1999, centenary of the birth of Tarradellas, the monument that we can see here today was unveiled. By the sculptor Xavier Corberó, this is a 23-metre-high column formed by five blocks of dark stone, alternating with four blocks of marble, symbolising the four bars of the Catalan flag.

In 1976, following the death of the dictator, Josep Tarradellas, minister of the Catalan Government on several occasions during the Republican period, and President of the Generalitat in exile in France since 1954, began to intensify contacts with Catalan politicians in the country, though he was unable to establish an agreement for the return of Catalan self-government. Parties supporting the restoration of the 1932 Statute of Autonomy emerged victorious from the first democratic elections, held in 1977. In order to neutralise these breakaway forces, Adolfo Suárez, president-elect of the Spanish Government, recognised the historic legitimacy of President Tarradellas. On June 27, Tarradellas went to Madrid to meet Suárez and King Juan Carlos I. There, Tarradellas agreed the restoration of a Generalitat that would be independent of the Assembly of Parliamentarians, the body formed by the 47 deputies and 16 senators elected in the elections in Catalonia, and renouncing the 1932 Statute of Autonomy. On July 2, a protocol vaguely restoring the autonomy of Catalonia was made public and, on 29 September 1977 a decree was issued to recognise Josep Tarradellas as president of the Generalitat.

Finally, on the afternoon of 23 October 1977, Tarradellas arrived in Barcelona to an enormous public welcome, which culminated in his speech from the balcony of the Palau de la Generalitat that is remembered for his historic proclamation: “Citizens of Catalonia, I am here”.

Address: Avinguda de Josep Tarradellas with Carrer d'Entença || Coordinates: (LAT, LONG): 41.385729277, 2.142681978

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