About us

Memòria BCN is a project lead by the association Conèixer Història (Discovering History), which is focused on studying and disseminating the history and collective memory of the city of Barcelona. It deals with different historical periods and topics that have been tracing the character of the city to date: the Barcelona that expanded with fortunes from the Caribbean colonies; the city that was bombed during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39); and the demands of freedom in the streets during the transition to democracy (1970s).

Memòria BCN especially focuses on locating and interpreting the so-called 'memory sites' where peace and democracy were attacked but also where individual and collective freedoms were defended and vindicated.

Since its creation in 2008, the association Conèixer Història promotes research projects, dissemination activities (guided tours, talks, exhibitions, etc.) and cultural management. It collaborates with the network of Libraries of Barcelona, Cultural Centers, various City districts and the University of Barcelona.

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