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On 19 July 1936, when the rebel troops occupied the streets of Barcelona, General Manuel Goded came to the Catalan capital from Majorca in order to reorganise the uprising, which was facing defeat. On reaching the city, he was taken to the Palau de la Divisió (Palace of the Division, General Army Headquarters), from where he tried to apply different strategies in a struggle that was doomed to fail.

At 8 am on the morning of 19 July 1936, when the military uprising had begun but had not yet been proclaimed, at Palau de la Divisió headquarters, General Fernández Burriel requested General Francisco Llano de la Encomienda, the highest military authority in Catalonia, to join the rebellion but, loyal to the Republic, the General refused. Once General Manuel Goded, military commander in the Balearic Islands and a supporter of the uprising, had Majorca under control, he went to Barcelona to end the lack of coordination that reigned amongst the rebel forces. On arriving at the Palau de la Divisió, he relieved General Llano de la Encomienda of his duties and placed him under arrest.

As soon as he received reports on the fighting in the streets, he realised that the situation was critical, as the rebel troops had achieved none of their objectives: the Palau de la Generalitat, the Ministry of Governance, the Telefónica building and the radio stations. Meanwhile, a large group of citizens and republican assault guards had obeyed the appeal made by Commander Frederic Escofet from the balcony of General Public Order Headquarters to lay siege to the Palau de la Divisió. Next, General Goded contacted General José Aranguren, head of the Civil Guard, calling on him to join the coup, but Aranguren refused. Faced by this refusal, Goded himself telephoned the Ministry of Governance to negotiate his surrender, with the single condition that he would give himself up only to the Civil Guard. Officers and men were than taken to the Ministry of Governance. As for General Goded, he was taken before President Lluís Companys, who was waiting for him in his office in the Palau de la Generalitat.

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