In March 1966, the constituent assembly of Barcelona University Democratic Students’ Union (SDEUB) took place at the Capuchin monastery (Convent dels Pares Caputxins de Sarrià) in an event known popularly as the "Caputxinada". The meeting was raided by the police, who assaulted the monastery, breaking up the assembly and making several arrests.


In the 1950s, at this monastery in Sarrià, the Franciscan association came into being at the initiative of Brother Basili de Rubí, who made it a place of welcome for artists and intellectuals outlawed by the Franco regime. During the first half of the 1960s, factors such as the student struggle – which sought to give a voice to university students and change the Francoist education system – found the necessary support for mobilisation here. After various assemblies, on 9 March 1966 the constituent assembly of the Barcelona University Democratic Students’ Union (SDEUB) began here. Popularly known as the “Caputxinada”, it brought together 450 representatives from different faculties, in addition to journalists, lecturers and intellectuals.

Once the assembly had begun, the police intervened to break it up, but the participants refused to leave. During the ensuing sit-in, the statutes were approved and the Manifesto For a Democratic University was released. At noon on 11 March, the police raided the monastery, breaking the concordat signed in 1953 between the Franco regime and the Vatican, which prohibited police intervention in a place of worship. Members of the student council were arrested and tried by the Court of Public Order (TOP), which declared the union illegal. Eighteen participating lecturers were dismissed and numerous students were expelled from the university.

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