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In July 1966, this school hosted the first summer school since the Civil War ended, organised by the Rosa Sensat teacher training college. In this way, the teachers’ association revived a tool for pedagogical renewal whose origins go back to the year 1914.

The School of Nostra Senyora de Lurdes was established in 1880 in line with the guidelines set forth by the Philippian Sisters to evangelise and teach women to read and write facilitating their access to culture. This pedagogical vision upheld over the years allowed the centre to host the clandestine initiative of the Escola de Mestres Rosa Sensat (founded in 1965) in 1966 to organise teacher training over the summer holidays. The aim was to provide teachers with quality tools and methods whilst reviving the educational reforms that had been implemented during the Second Republic in order to address the shortcomings of the education they received in the official teacher training school under the Franco regime.

One hundred and fifty-four teachers from Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, whose common denominators were the Catalan language and the willingness to renew their profession, attended the 1966 summer school. The methodology entailed analysing and sharing the experiences of teachers and students (teachers by profession). Emphasis was placed on the importance of having in-depth knowledge of the child to facilitate their integration into the country’s reality and society through teaching and in accordance with the characteristics of each child. Over the course of 1966, exchanges of experiences and opinions among teachers took place, the only possible means of redressing the profession in times of dictatorship. The initiative was repeated year after year and saw a steady increase in the number of participants.

In 1971, the Franco regime acknowledged the inadequate training of teachers and passed the General Education Bill that promoted educational reform and improved teacher training through the creation of the Institutes of Education Sciences. Thereafter, the Escola de Mestres Rosa Sensat was recognised as a private centre for teacher training and pedagogical guidance.

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