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From the underground car park, we can enter part of the shelter built in this part of the Gràcia neighbourhood during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) to protect the local people from air bombing raids.

This air raid shelter, like most of the 1,400 excavated in the city, was built by local residents, who constituted themselves into a committee to acquire construction material and establish shifts for volunteer workers. According to the documents conserved, this appears to have been one of the best-organised shelters in the area. Once construction was complete, the Residents Council informed its members that it was operational. Residents had users cards that identified the entrance they should use and their seating number.

The shelter was discovered in 1994 during works to build the underground car park here. Construction did not stop, however, and the facility was almost completely lost apart from one section of tunnels that can be accessed from the fourth floor of the parking.

Address: Plaça de la Revolució del 1868 || Coordinates: (LAT, LONG): 41.402732074, 2.158094808

  • Periods:
  • Second Republic
  • Civil War
  • Francoism
  • Transition