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In 1973, the Bar Funicular and the lobby of the building at 70, Carrer de Girona 70 were the scene of confrontation between the police and militants from the Iberian Liberation Movement (MIL). A policeman was killed, and Salvador Puig Antich, a member of the revolutionary band, was arrested and condemned to death.

The Iberian Liberation Movement (MIL) was a revolutionary group set up in 1972, their philosophy based on anarchist and Marxist ideals, to oppose the Franco regime. They defended the use of violence and robbed banks to fund their propaganda activities and purchase weapons. The group’s actions were successful until, following a shoot-out during a bank robbery, the police identified the number plate of their getaway vehicle.

From that moment, the noose began to tighten around the MIL. The police arrested Santi Soler just as he was planning to escape to France. Tortured and threatened, the young confessed that he was due to meet fellow group members Xavier Garriga and Salvador Puig Antich at the Bar Funicular the next day, 25 September 1973. That day, Santi Soler took his seat at the bar, surrounded by plain-clothed police. As the anarchists came through the door, they were set upon. Xavier Garriga did not resist arrest, Puig Antich fought back. To prevent scandal, the police dragged them into the entrance to a nearby building, at number 70, Carrer de Girona, where there was a scuffle and a weapon was fired, causing the death of Inspector Francisco Anguas.

Badly wounded, Puig Antich was arrested and taken to the Model Prison. He was tried by court martial in a trial full of irregularities. These included different versions of the number of bullet casings found at the scene; the police insistence that only Puig Antich’s gun was fired; finally, the autopsy on Inspector Anguas was carried out at police headquarters in Via Laietana, making it impossible to ascertain whether the bullet that had killed him had really come from the anarchist’s gun. Despite all the efforts of Puig Antich’s lawyer and the civil campaign to avoid the passing of the death penalty, the military tribunal sentenced the young man to death by the garrote on 2 March 1974.

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