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This site in Sant Andreu district housed the Artillery Park which, on the evening of 19 July 1936, when the military uprising against the Republic began, was attacked and sacked by workers defending the legitimate government, who seized 30,000 rifles.

In Barcelona, the military uprising against the Republic began on the morning of 19 July and enjoyed the support of all the officers assigned to the artillery park in Sant Andreu. The only mission was to protect the large volume of arms (30,000 rifles) stored there. Defence of the building was organised jointly with the adjacent barracks and the military personnel accepted the voluntary collaboration of 200 uniformed Falangists and Traditionalists, armed and ready to protect the barracks.

As evening fell, when in the rest of the city the uprising had been stifled and the situation was under the control of the government forces, a large number of citizens led by anarcho-syndicalists of the CNT-FAI headed towards the barracks aiming to get hold of the weapons. They were aware that seizing the weapons would give them absolute power over the situation. The National Republican Guard, concerned over the fate of the weapons, could not prevent the attack and refused to confront the crowd. From that point forth, trade unions and workers took control of the street: the revolution in Barcelona had begun.

The Sant Andreu barracks, property of the Ministry of Defence, fell into disuse in 1998 and were demolished in 2004 except for some old military houses. At that time, urban regeneration of the area was planned, including the provision of public services and housing demanded by the neighbourhood’s residents.

Address: 129, Passeig Torras i Bages || Coordinates: (LAT, LONG): 41.442500446, 2.190811947

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